Shia Kids Books for Children


Namaz (Salat) Translation

Me’raj ul Momin

A guide to namaz

Daily Supplications

Collection of Duas and Ziyarat selected by my father Syed Nurul Hasan Jafri, to be read every day. It is given in Arabic, Transliteration, and a Translation into English.

Duas for Quboor e Momineen

Selection of duas and prayers imploring forgiveness of our Marhoomeen, specially when visiting their graves.

Journey to Eternity

A handbook of prayers for the soul, compiled by Saleem Bhimji; this concise booklet is a helpful guide for our journey towards the Hereafter.

Supplications for Thursday

A booklet with Dua e Kumayl, Hadees Kisa, and Ziarat al Warith with transliteration and translation in English by Ali Quli Qarai.

Dua e Nudba

Supplication, translated by Ali Quli Qarai, for Friday as we pray for the return of Imam Mehdi (AS) to establish justice on Earth.