Shia Kids Books for Children


Let’s learn about Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

The best of creation, the noblest example, the Mercy for all mankind, the Holy Prophet of Islam is the last Messenger from Allah. Find out about him and his teachings.

Let’s learn about Bibi Fatima (AS)

The only daughter of Prophet Muhammad, the perfect example, the lady of light. She is the upholder of Truth and the link between Nabuwat and Imamat.

Let’s learn about Imam Ali (AS)

The Commander of the Faithful, born in the Kaaba, martyred in the masjid e Kufa, our first Imam. Created by Allah from the same light as the Prophet ( SAW) , he is the best example of the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Let’s learn about Imam Hasan (AS)

The prince of Peace, the fragrant rose of the Prophet , a shining example of excellent manners and piety. The Holy Prophet said “Hasan and Husayn are the Masters of the Youth of Paradise.”

Let’s learn about Imam Husayn (AS)

The shining example of guidance and the Ark of salvation, the Master of Martyrs upheld the teachings of Islam and saved the message of Allah

Let’s learn about Imam Zayn Al Abideen (AS)

Let’s learn about Imam Zayn Al Abideen AS The fourth Imam, sole survivor in Karbala continued to spread the true teachings of his grandfather through prayers and mourning

Let’s learn about Imam Baqir (AS) & Imam Sadiq (AS)

Our 5th and 6th Imams had a crucial role in spreading knowledge of the true message of Islam. They lived at a time of great turmoil in the Islamic world. They were able to guide the Umma towards the Divine Path.

Let’s learn about Kazimayn

Our 7th and 9th Imams are buried in Kazimayn. Imam Musa Kazim AS was imprisoned by the Bani Abbas and spent long years in dark prisons before being poisoned. Imam Muhammad Taqui lived for only 25 years before his martyrdom

Let’s learn about Imam Ridha (AS)

Imam Ridha (AS) our eighth Imam had vast knowledge and excellent manners. He was forced to leave Madina and travel to Toos where after only three years, he was poisoned by Mamoon.

Let’s learn about Imam Naqui AS and Imam Askari (AS)

Our 10th and 11th Imams are buried in Samarra. Both the Imams were kept under daily scrutiny before being poisoned by Abbasi rulers.

Let’s learn about Imam Mahdi (AS)

Master of the Age the Imam of our time is our Awaited Saviour. We need to connect with our Imam and pray for his reappearance.

Let’s learn about The 12 Imams

Guidance from Allah continued through the 12 Imams after the Prophet ( SAW) . Short stories from each of the Imams guide us and teach us how to live according to his teachings.

Let’s learn about The 12 Days of Muharram

Use the book to organise a majlis daily during the first 12 days of Muharram. Learn about Karbala and the Day of Ashoor

Let’s learn about Bibi Sakina (AS)

The four-year-old daughter of Imam Husayn AS suffered deeply and her pain and suffering touched the hearts of millions. Learn about her courage as she faced the cruel, tyrant Yazeed.

Let’s learn about Bibi Zainab (AS)

The brave daughter of Imam Ali and Bibi Fatima carried on the Mission of Imam Husayn AS to save Islam. Learn about her courage at every step.

Let’s learn about Hadhrat Abbas (AS)

The valiant son of Imam Ali AS supported his brother Imam Husayn AS through every breath of his life in Karbala and held the flag high.

Let’s learn about Holy Quran & Month of Ramadhan

The month of Ramadhan is the month of Allah ,the month of the holy Quran. Recite duas each day and learn about the holy personalities connected with this month.

Let’s learn about Jannatul Baqee

Baqee has graves of four of our 12 holy Imams but alas they have been razed to the ground. Learn about its history and the destruction of our Islamic heritage. Find out what we can do.

Let’s learn about 40 Duas (eBook)

Duas connect us to Allah. Learn duas from the Holy Quran and the Holy AhlulBayt AS to help us every day.

Let’s learn about Prophets in the Quran.

Allah has sent prophets and messengers to guide us throughout history. Learn about the prophets named in the Quran.