Namaz Translation

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said:

“Train your children in three things:

The love of your Prophet,

The love of his progeny (Ahlebait),

And the recitation of the Quran”.

About the Website

Our aim is to promote the teachings of the holy Ahlul Bayt in an accessible medium. Our books highlight the teachings of the Prophet (SAW)  and the twelve Imams(AS).

The “Let’s Learn About” series is intended for preschool through elementary school students.

The original “Aza e Hussain” series is targeted for slightly older readership. Many adult readers have commented that they have found the books very useful.

Both series have proven to be very useful teaching aids for Sunday School teaching. Regarding the “Let’s Learn About” series, students are able to read books independently, as the vocabulary has been formatted specifically.

The third section has Duas in Arabic, Roman English and their translation.

About the Author

Sakina Hasan Askari has published many Islamic books over the last ten years. She completed her Bachelors and Masters in English Literature, at Osmania University, in Hyderabad, India. She was the recipient of three gold medals, a rare accomplishment.

On moving to the United Kingdom, she gained a Masters In English Literature at the University of Leeds,U.K. She went on to teach in mainstream public education, in England for nearly twenty years. She taught elementary aged students throughout her tenure. On retirement, she decided to pursue writing. Her unique teaching and literary abilities afford her a unique perspective.

Her first series, which included “Aza e Masoomeen” was the beginning of a new genre. The books were extremely well received and were republished twice after selling out. The series takes on a format of English Hadith, Urdu Salam, Marsiya and Nohas in Roman English transliteration akin to a regular Majlis. Each chapter pertains to a particular Imam, or in the case of “Aza e Hussain” and “Aza e Zainab” a particular night of Muharram. The series is invaluable, for non Urdu readers, who wish to recite traditional Noha and Marsiya.

Her second series, the “Let’s Learn About…” series have been extremely popular amongst younger audiences. The brightly colored books are very well illustrated, and are particularly suited to early readers.