Shia Kids Books for Children


Aza e Hussain

Salam, Marsiya and Nohay for each of the first 12 Days of Muharram, given in Roman English. A short Hadees in English for each day.

Aza e Zainab

Salam, Marsiya and Nohay for events from the time Imam Hussain’s family was taken prisoner. It charts their journey from Karbala to Koofa to Shaam. It includes release from Damascus, their journey to Karbala for Arbayeen and return to Madina. With each section is a short Hadees in English

Aza e Masoomeen

Salam, Marsiya and Nohay for each of the 14 Masoomeen together with a short Hadees for the martyrdom. For our living Twelfth Imam there is a munajat for his Zahoor inshallah

Sana e Masoomeen

Salam and Qasida to celebrate the birth of each of the 14 Masoomeen AS . Hadees in English gives details from the lives of the holy Ahlulbayt.

Zikr e Aale Muhammad

Using similar format, this book includes salams, qasiday, marsiya for notable personalities of the family of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Progeny.

Nohas and Salams by Sabiha Nurul Hasan Jafri

Portraying the tragic sufferings of the AhlulBayt this is an anthology of salams and nohas written by my mother Sabiha Nurul Hasan Jafri.

Selected Salams and Nohas

Collection of Nohas and Salams in Roman English. It has over a hundred well known traditional Urdu poems as well as Munajat and Ziarat.