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Ashurkhana Hazrat Abbas (AS)

Ashurkhana Hazrat Abbas (AS)

The Ashurkhana Hazrat Abbas (AS) was established by my father Syed Nurul Hasan Jafri in 1960. It has a busy schedule through out the Islamic year with majlis, jashan and niaz . The birth dates of the 14 Masoomeen are celebrated and majalis on their day of martyrdom are organised.

During the first 12 Days of Muharram, meetings are held daily to remember the martyrs of Karbala. On the 6th day a juloos/ rally is taken out from the Ashurkhana with the alam of Hazrat Qasim (AS) on horseback. Nohas are recited by the guroh Anjuman e Janisaraan Hazrat Abbas(AS) to spread the message of Imam Husayn (AS).

This programme is broadcast live on tv.

Main jashan events include the Wiladat of Imam Ali (AS) on 13th Rajab and Eid e Ghadeer. The Wiladat of Hazrat Abbas (AS) is held in Shaban. During the holy month of Ramadhan , jamaat namaz, aamaal are organised and iftar is provided daily to the Momineen.

Classes are held to teach the recitation of the holy Quran for boys and girls and every week Dars to teach Tafseer is held online. The Ashurkhana has become a focal point for the community in the area to learn the true message of Islam.


Syed Nurul Hasan Jafri

Syed Nurul Hasan Jafri ( 24 June 1918 -2 April 2003) was an IAS officer working in the Secretariat for many years. He dedicated his energy to spreading the true message of Islam through azadari. He himself was a reciter of Marsiya and also addressed gatherings to share his deep knowledge with others. He was a kind husband and a wonderful father to his six children who all doted on him. He guided them and instilled the love of Ahlulbayt in their hearts. He travelled widely and performed Hajj and Ziarat of Iraq, Iran , Arabia, Syria and Jordan. He visited with his wife the USA and U.K. to see his family guiding them through prayers and blessings of his personal example.

When he passed away after a massive heart attack, his legacy was ably continued by my mother.

Sabiha Nurul Hasan Jafri

Sabiha Nurul Hasan Jafri ( 2 February 1926 – 5 February 2021) . She was highly educated and taught English at the Women’s College, Osmania University for many years.

She was not only a loving daughter but a devoted wife and an excellent mother who brought up her children to give their best. Her grandchildren and their offspring doted on her. She participated enthusiastically in all the activities of the Ashurkhana and developed the programmes by initiating the teaching of Tafseer e Quran. She guided the community in many ways sharing her knowledge and helping many through her invaluable advice and financial help. She never refused anyone and comforted them in many ways. She was like a mother to so many in the community.

The legacy lives on and activities in the Ashurkhana carry on through the name of Babul Hawaej Hazrat Abbas ( AS) .