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Akhlaq-e-Ahle Bayt (A.S.)
This book is written by Sayed Mehdi Al Sadr and translated by Sayed Tahir Bilgrami. The holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had himself said that he had been sent by Allah to take good manners to the final goal of perfection. Indeed he and his holy Ahle Bayt are the best examples of Akhlaq and following them we can achieve excellence. This book contains guidance to help us improve our manners and remain on the Right Path.

In the creed of Islam, for acquiring knowledge and imparting knowledge to others, there are specific norms which have to be practiced by the mentors and also there are norms the learners too have to abide by. In this regard the rules that Islam has promulgated shall be discussed in this volume of our book. At the outset we should first learn about the importance of knowledge and the scholars who function as the mentors to the seekers of knowledge!

We are happy to bring to you printed version of volume one and two of Islamic etiquettes. This is a translation of “Aadab e Islami” published by “Tanzeemul Makatib” from Lucknow, India in Urdu. The translation of verses from the Holy Quran is taken from Br Ali Quli Qarai‘s translation. The Traditions cited in this book have been translated by Br Abdul-Rahman Cherri a senior student in Qum. The English translation of the contents was done by my friend Br Tahir Bilgrami of Hyderabad.

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