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Dua e Nudba
Dua e Nudba

The Journey to Eternity
The Journey to eternity is an excursion which humanity is constantly engaged in it begins even before we are brought into this world

Tribute To Sabiha Nurul Hasan Jafri
Despite the blessing of not been an orphan till getting in the mid sixties, the irreplaceable loss of your mother – the source of daily comfort of her voice giving me and my family Duas and entioning each and every name of the family till grand children in Zamanath of 14 Masomeen for protection or the endless hours she would spend not only to pray for the immediate family but or her neighbours and strangers will be missed .

Hadees e Khudsi

Meraj ul Momin

Hum Din Kaise Guzaren

Book 40 Ahadees (Month of Ramadhan)

Selected Salaam & Noha